"I believe that when you do what's right and treat people with care and respect, the rest falls into place. I genuinely love what I do, helping people with their real estate needs."

For This Avid Fisherman and Genuine Businessman, Doing the Right Thing Is Everything.

In his free time, Jason enjoys cruising on the Intercoastal with his wife, Linda, to go fishing or just relax.

In his free time, Jason enjoys cruising on the Intercoastal with his wife, Linda, to go fishing or just relax.

While growing up, the one thing Jason Shinpaugh lived for was fishing. As a little boy, he couldn’t get home from school fast enough to drop his school books, grab his fishing pole and run to the nearest river. For Jason, there was nothing so free and so real as wading out into the Intracoastal Waterway, throwing out a line and reeling it back in when he got a big catch. More than 20 years later, Jason’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport remains as strong as it did when he was a kid. In fact, it doesn’t matter if he’s fishing off shore with friends or helping people in his business, Jason is as down-to-earth and as genuine as they come.

A Genuine Approach

With his casual, laid-back approach, this upbeat businessman lives life without any pretenses. Jason likes to have fun and is known as much for wearing his signature flip-flops as he is for his generous spirit and caring nature. Treating people with respect and making them feel special comes naturally to Jason, whose guiding philosophy is to “do the right thing, even when no one is looking.” This motto is at the core of Jason’s unwavering sense of integrity and belief in doing what is right as a devoted husband, active community member and consummate professional.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Born and raised in Brevard County, Jason didn’t fall too far from the proverbial tree when it came to fishing, as both his father and grandfather were avid fishermen themselves. But it seems Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit is all his own. From selling candy at school to recruiting his friends to help him mow lawns, Jason started looking for ways to create his own business early on. While working his way up in the restaurant industry, Jason credits his success to his excellent customer service skills and attention to detail – the same traits he applies to his career today.

Helping You Do What’s Right

Putting people’s needs first and giving them the care and attention they deserve is why Jason has earned a sterling reputation in his successful real estate career. Getting his start as an agent and later becoming a seasoned investor, Jason’s heart was in helping other people do the right thing when it came to buying, selling or investing. As one of the area’s premier real estate professionals, Jason’s goal is to blow his clients away with a truly great real estate experience. He is raising the bar in this area by combining his unsurpassed knowledge of the Space Coast, a teamwork approach to business, a commitment to exceptional customer service and a compassionate focus on giving back to the community.

Real Estate the Right Way

Few are as knowledgeable about this area and its inventory of waterfront property as Jason Shinpaugh. From bridge heights and water depths to the different kinds of fish available, Jason is an expert on the local waterways and the homes that access them. And not coincidentally, everyone on his close-knit team of specialists is very well educated on the market as well. So whether you’re looking for a home with a boat dock or want to sell a property close to the water, Jason and every member on his team can give you the information and insight you need to achieve your goals.

If you’re considering buying, selling or investing in property in the Space Coast real estate market, make the right choice and give Jason Shinpaugh a call. From his exceptional knowledge and experience to his genuine approach to your needs, Jason’s focus is on helping you succeed by doing Real Estate the Right Way. Contact him today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your Space Coast real estate needs.